IN_SIDE  - 14th TOWNS (GORODA) architectural festival




This year the subject of the festival is ArchFarm space which includes natural environment, residential and non residential areas as well as its atmosphere of creativity.

The potential winner of the festival is the object which will implement the idea of the place, become an organic part of the ArchFarm body and reveal its inside nature.

15 objects will be selected from among other candidates and constructed during the summer. They will participate in celebration of the 'architectural harvest' 18th August.

All the participants have to use organic and enviromentally friendly materials. Artificial materials are allowed only if they are in strong need and have to be recycled by their users.

The object doesn't have to be an architectural form/sculpture/installation closely related to the place itself. It may consist of parts located at a distance from each other, be connected with the time of the day, season, may refer to info context and other intangible things.


We particularly welcome:

objects which are built with new techniques

interesting objects built at a minimum cost

clear and simple ideas behind the projects

care about the environment, nature, landscape

project completion is required



WHERE: ArchFarm which includes old urban buildings and natural environment around the farm and the lake



WHEN: Summer 2012,  special programme for the participants, celebration of the architectural harvest 18th August





29th April —  Introduction seminar where everyone can meet festival organizers, ask them any questions and also plunge into the atmosphere of ArchFarm space to learn about it inside out.

15th May — Project plan deadline

23-27th May — Draft display at ArchMoscow exhibition and jury work

27th May — Contest winners announcement

1st June - 17th August — Project implementation

4th - 17th August — Lectures, seminars, film shows and other edutainment activities.

18th August — Festival presentation



SUBJECT: Architecture in ArchFarm context



TASK: To make the object well fit into the environment and give a personal 'touch' to the Place. The main criteria — being referred to the context, durability




1. To attend the introduction seminar must be held 29th April, to visit the place, or to see ArchFarm photos.

2. To send the project in TIFF format, its budget and the filled form (download the form here) to the following address until 15th May

Project display should include main views, brief description, constructive units, photomontage

3. To win the draft competition.

4. To finish the project until 17th August. Construction work is possible throughout summer.




In a separate layer there should be a marker of the object location  ("LOCATION") and a code ("000000").
The marker should be placed in the supposable location of the object.
Template and file name code should be replaced with the project code with six nonrecurrent numbers.

Download draft template >>>




Nikolay Belousov — creative director

Yelena Gonsales — architecture critic

Nikita Asadov — festival curator

Ivan Ovchinnikov — festival organizer

Nikolay Malinin — architecural critic and ARCHIWOOD awards curator

PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION AND BUDGETING: Each object out of 15 has a 30 000 ruble budget.  Participants have to pay all extra costs either on their own, or with the help of their sponsors. Other candidates who haven't won the competition can also implement their project at the expense of their own budget. The unspent budget belongs to participants.



TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT: Each team has to have their own tools and equipment. It's also possible to order some parts at the ArchFarm shop, *see the pricelist.



BUILDING MATERIALS: timber, plank, metallic fasteners are at the farm warehouse which are given to participants and included in the budget. Any other materials (fabric, ropes, lines) are bought by participants and not provided by the farm.



ACCOMODATION: Campsite (facilities: shower, toilet, electricity). It's also optional to order a room at ArchFarm, see the pricelist.

MEALS: only at our restaraunt (additional charge).







ArchFarm is open for everyone. At anytime you can come here, look around and choose the place for the project. Throughout summer you can create freely at any day or night time. Most intensive construction work and preparation for the presentation will take place between 4th and 18th August; however, don't forget to enjoy our lectures, filmshows, seminars and master classes.





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